Up for Debate: Should Zero Period Course Options Be Eliminated?

Many schools in the United States offer “zero period” courses, which are classes held an hour before the beginning of the school day. Zero-period courses … more

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Sonia Sachar: Dynamic Visualization of Biological Networks

One of the largest challenges in biology right now is untangling biological signaling networks such as biological pathways with regards to modeling, analyzing, and visualizing … more

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Pluto. Credit: NASA.

New Spacecraft Photos Hint at a Rich and Complex Pluto

Three new observations captured on May 8th, 10th and 12th by NASA’s New Horizons probe of the dwarf planet Pluto. At flyby in July, the … more

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BRETT researchers. Photo courtesy of the UC Berkeley Robot Learning Lab.

New “Deep Learning” Technique Enables Robot Mastery of Skills via Trial and Error

UC Berkeley researchers have developed algorithms that enable robots to learn motor tasks through trial and error using a process that more closely approximates the … more

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KTrace Wearable Device, on Rohan's wrist at the 2015 Intel ISEF.

Students Design An App to Fight Epidemics

Four high school students in Virginia have created a smart phone app that notifies everyone the user has come into contact with when the user becomes sick … more

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